- Have a quality system in place.

- State the country of origin of the raw material melt source on the material certification;

- Marsam Suppliers will comply with all applicable U.S. Government export control laws and regulations (ITAR, EAR).

- Suppliers will communicate any issues pertaining to this purchase order by contacting the buyer.

- Marsam will be permitted to verify and validate activities on external providers premise as state on purchase order.

- Marsam evaluates external providers for quality and delivery performance annually.

- Suppliers shall have a program for the prevention of counterfeit parts.

- Marsam will flow down to suppliers any special requirements or key characteristics on this purchase order.

- Notify our organization of nonconforming product immediately upon discovery.

- Obtain our organization approval for nonconforming product disposition.

- Notify our organization on nonconforming product.

- Return all material issued (including non-conforming parts) for complete accountability of product.

- Supplier shall maintain on file all quality data/records such as; certificates of material and / or processes (if applicable), acceptance test reports, inspection records, and other applicable quality control data.

- Our organization reserves the right of access by our representatives, our customers, and any regulatory authorities to the applicable areas of all facilities, at any level of the supply chain, involved in the order and to all applicable records.

- All parts must be suitably protected from damage during the machining process and shipment.

- All packages must be clearly marked with Part/Product Number.

- If Certification is requested with order it must be legible.

- Marsam maintains certain policies to guide its employees and suppliers with respect to standards of conduct expected in areas where improper activities could damage the Company's reputation and otherwise result in serious adverse consequences to the Company and to employees involved.

By receipt of this Purchase Order you as a supplier acknowledge MMF’s code of conduct terms.

Our organization reserves the right to review and approve the Vendors Quality Management system and audit or survey their compliance on an annual basis. Suppliers initially approved for MMF use via Certification (ISO, AS9100,AC7004 Etc.) must notify us of any changes to that certification. Vendor acknowledges and agrees that any specifications and all related writings, drawings, designs and similar work provided to the vendor shall be deemed "Confidential Information".

We rank in the top 1% for quality with our customers. In response to our customer needs, we have structured our operations to satisfy the demand for quick turn prototypes, as well as, medium and high volume coating needs. 
Benchmark us with your other shops. We are absolutely confident you will find Marsam Metal Finishing Company much more than a competitive supplier as our reputation and customer loyalty proves. We deliver time-after-time the best service, quality, on-time delivery and price value in the industry. 
Now we want to prove ourselves to you and become your supplier.
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